Digital Strategy (MBA)

MBA Programme, London Business School, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, 2020

Course Description: Many firms now have access to more data than they can process and use. The internet has given them direct access to suppliers and customers. Advancements in artificial intelligence has opened new ways of changing their operations that were unimaginable before. How these trends have changed firms, industries, and institutional foundations upon which firms operate? Digital Strategy course is designed to help you answer this question.

While traditional strategy tools (five forces framework, generic strategies, who/what/how, etc.) can still provide valuable insight, they are not sufficient to understand the complexities of some of the most popular business models around us today. In this course, we introduce new frameworks and techniques to better understand these business models. In particular, we look at four related topics: 1) the emergence of new platform-based business models and the key decisions for designing a successful platform, 2) the change in the competitive positioning of firms as they adopt platform-based business models; 3) the emergence of ecosystems where new platform-based business models interact with traditional models; 4) and the shifts in the fundamental institutions that shape businesses due to new technological trends such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.