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Detrimental Collaborations in Creative Work: Evidence from Economics

Co-author(s): Florenta Teodoridis (USC), Michael Bikard (LBS)

Under review in Organization Science, 2019

Prior research on collaboration and creativity has mostly assumed that individuals choose to collaborate because collaboration positively contributes to output quality. In this paper, we argue that collaboration conceals individual contributions, and that the presence of a collaboration credit premium—when the sum of fractional credits allocated to each collaborator exceeds 100%—might motivate individuals to collaborate even when their collaboration hurts output quality. We test our argument… Read more

Organizing for Innovation: How Team Configurations Vary With Modularity and Breadth of Application

Co-author(s): Sarah Kaplan (UofT)

2nd R&R in Strategic Management Journal, 2019

While innovation has increasingly become a collaborative effort, there is little consensus in research about what types of team configurations might be the most useful for creating breakthrough innovations. Do teams need to include inventors with knowledge breadth for recombination or do they need inventors with knowledge depth for identifying anomalies? Do teams need overlapping knowledge to integrate insights from diverse areas or does this redundancy hamper innovation by creating inefficiencies? In this paper… Read more